We are on a journey to create a highly sustainable product. Its a complicated and fraught process that involves choices about materials and processes, but also settling in for the ride.  It feels like it should be pretty straight forward - but even choosing materials that are earth friendly or recycled can have its problems.

Materials choice:

Aluminium is super durable and will last in its form until you melt it down. 

It is also endlessly recyclable. Between 70 - 80% of the world's aluminium in use is actually recycled.  The energy cost to recycle is only 5% of the energy required for virgin aluminium production. So that's the good news.

Currently, the delineation of new and recycled aluminium is not clear in the manufacturing chain.  Today we can't guarantee that our aluminium frame is recycled aluminium, but we are working towards this goal.


Our reusable produce bags are made from hemp and that feels good.

Hemp takes less water than cotton, less land to grow, sequesters CO2 in its growing process and actually fertilises the ground. It's strong, durable and softens as its washed.  At the end of its use ( ie you don't want them anymore) you can home compost them. We'll keep using hemp.

Organic Cotton Canvas

Organic cotton is superior product which uses less or no fertilisers, herbicides or pestcides - as per organic requirements. We've used cotton in a canvas weave for our baskets because we needed them to have a structure that supported the design of the basket.  We'll keep looking for hemp alternatives that can hold up tot he task.