About Us

The beginning of things…

Marketday creates market carts that work.  Our carts were originally created to take the hassle out of gathering food and carrying it at farmer's markets. So, we've thoughtfully designed lots of features that will make your market shop easy. We hope it will also make you smile.

  • Carry as much or as little as you like without any fuss or effort
  • Enjoy features that work with you and not against you
  • Get out and about  - support your local (easy to walk to) businesses


About the founder

I'm the kind of person who thinks that living consciously makes for a happier, healthier, and more connected life.  I also love it when things work the first time without any hassle.  

The beginning of Marketday was, well, in a market: the scent of fresh flowers, brightly coloured produce laid out ready for picking, the call of vendors enticing you to their stall and the reward of coffee with friends.  It’s that warm feeling of being amongst others with a common purpose, close to home.  And we wanted to get more people there! But it needed to be easy.

So, a well-designed cart that made market shopping a breeze made sense.

But, living consciously meant that Marketday needed to impact the planet and its people in other ways – not just a convenient & easy way to carry things.


The Planet

The future of the planet is high on our list of dinnertime topics.  Marketday simply could not add to the problem of waste. So, we are committed to ensuring that our materials and supply chains are part of the solution.  Having a durable product from recyclable materials is just the start. 

The People

At Marketday, we want to help people get out and about in their communities, connect with others and be part of something more. 

Spending 18 years of my working life in human services showed me how lonely and isolated people can become when they are disconnected from their communities.  Did you know that more than a third of Australians do not see or speak to their neighbours in any given month? Social isolation is in part responsible for extremely serious health impacts that shorten lives and reduce overall wellbeing. 

As we grow, Marketday will create, and be part of, initiatives that break down the social isolation that too many people feel in our own backyards.

I'm married to Denzil. We have 2 teenage kids and we live in sunny Brisbane, Australia.