Have a look at the features!

Our first creation - The Original Market Cart

A practical and cleverly designed personal shopping trolley intended to make everyday tasks effortless.

Originally created for food shopping at farmer’s markets, we've taken care to design in clever features will have you using your cart in a thousand ways – every day. With our focus on sustainability, you’ll only need to buy her once…and then maybe once again for your mum.

Main features:

  • Good sized, good looking, weather happy baskets. You can choose from 3 or 4 baskets
  • Adjustable positions for the baskets
  • Easy mechanism for baskets to attach securely to the Marketday frame
  • Easy fold, lightweight frame that slides into your boot or broom cupboard for out-of-the-way storage
  • Excellent access to all basket so you can see what you’ve got and keep your heavy and soft foods separated
  • All-terrain, no maintenance, smooth, quiet wheels that can manage most surfaces 
  • Hard wearing, long lasting and great looking anodized aluminium frame

Optional, additional accessories

  • All weather bag for long items that attaches onto the side of the cart. Think, celery, shallots, kale, flowers and your umbrella
  • Produce bags with carabiner attachment
  • Coffee cup holder for the essential brew
  • Clips (for clipping things)
  • Inter-changeable basket liners so you can customise your cart